Aura Studio Private Hire Terms & Conditions

Hire Fees

Studio hire includes lighting equipment, sets, heating and reasonable technical assistance where required.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the hire fee must be paid at the time of booking to confirm that booking. Payment of the booking fee indicates your acceptance of these times and conditions.

The balance must be paid at or prior to the start of the hire period.


72 hours notice must be given of any cancellations.

Full payment will still be due for any cancellations within 72 hours of the start time.

For cancellations with at least 72 hours notice the booking & final balance fee may be transferred to another date only at the discretion of Aura.

If Aura has to postpone a booking or event due to unforeseen circumstances then any booking and hire fees will be refunded if an alternative date cannot be offered by Aura. This should be within 60 days of the original event.

Setup, Cleaning & Damage

Setup and clean up time are included in the hire period.

The studio must be left as it is found, i.e. clean and with all equipment and props returned to their original locations. This includes the toilet, dressing room and all other areas. Failing to do so will incur a cleaning charge.

Any damage no matter how minor must be reported immediately. The hirer is liable for any costs arising from any damage caused, including repair costs, rental of replacement equipment or purchase of replacement equipment.


The studio hire fee of £30 per hour applies only to a single photographer working with up to 3 people including models (or other subjects), hair stylists, makeup artists and assistants.

Additional photographers, models or other assistants may incur further fees. These circumstances are to be discussed with Aura at the time of booking.

Safety & Insurance

Neither the hirer nor their models or other assistants may work at height without the express agreement of Aura. This includes ladders, aerial equipment, pole dance equipment and similar.

The use of fire, candles, smoking, pyrotechnics and similar should be discussed prior to booking and are permitted only with the advance agreement of Aura.

You should expect to provide details of your own insurance before this agreement is considered.

Special facilities

The roller shutter door will normally remain closed. Access for large or heavy items should be discussed prior to booking.

Adult material

The photographing of adult material is not permitted at Aura. Tasteful nudity is permitted; material of a sexual nature is not. Fetish work involving rope or bondage of any kind is not allowed. If in doubt please discuss your requirements prior to booking.

Under 18s are only permitted in the studio with the express prior permission of Aura.


Aura reserves the right to refuse a booking or ban anyone from the studio.

Aura staff are discrete but reserve the right to enter any studio space at any time during a booking.

No photographs of anyone may be taken without the subjects consent. This includes behind-the-scenes images, video and the like.

Should any of the conditions above be broken then Aura may immediately terminate a booking in progress. Any fees will not be refunded.

Studio Days

Model Agreement

Aura enjoys promoting models and hosting studio days for them.

Models may hire Aura for a day or part-day and sell 2 hour slots to single photographers.

Aura will suggest a suitable rate to charge photographers, help with promoting the event, collect fees and provide assistance during the studio hire. The model is expected to promote the event too.

Models must pay for the studio hire in accordance with the terms above but note that studio days have a longer cancellation period as described below.

Events at Aura typically sell out but if a model does not sell out a studio day then Aura is not responsible for payment of unbooked hours.

Aura is not responsible for your travel or accommodation. Aura may be able to recommend affordable places to stay but organising, paying for and travelling to such accommodation is your own responsibility.


2 weeks notice of cancellation or postponement of studio days is required. Failure to do so will incur the full hire fee.

Photographer Agreement

The payment schedule described above applies to studio days and other events too. A 50% non-refundable booking fee must be paid at the time of booking. 

72 hours notice is required for cancellation. Failure to provide 72 hours notice will incur the full fee.

Other Events

Aura may organise events in formats not described above. These may incur payment & cancellation schedules which differ from the above.

Club Nights for example require full payment at time of booking and are Non-Refundable. You may sell your space to another photographer but the responsibility to do so lies with the original booker. Aura will make every attempt to assist you with this should you be unable to attend.

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